New Lumapad Kickstarter has Launched

Early backers can get the basic Lumapad “Little Guy” LP-14 for a Kickstarter pledge of only $299.00! These lights are simply the best professional lights you can get at an amazing price.  The opportunity is only available through the power of crowdfunding. Visit the PROJECT PAGE  


Testing remote phosphor

The technology of a remote phosphor light source is achieved by bonding phosphor to a substrate, instead of incorporating it into the LED die package. Combining the remote phosphor plate with Royal Blue LEDs, and a mixing chamber, white light can be achieve with no visible point sources. In addition, very high values of over 95 CRI can be […]


Testing the first mold!

The protective bumpers for the heat sink just came back from the mold maker.  We are trying out different materials but polycarbonate is proving to be almost indestructible.  Once black coloring and a texture is added, this part should look really nice.